About Elevated Church

About Elevated Church

Vision: “At Elevated Church, our vision is to be a church that inspires and equips people to live out their lives as if heaven has invaded earth. We believe that by living according to the principles of Christ, we can transform our lives and our community.”

Mission: “Our mission is simple yet profound. We exist so that every person can experience a life that is elevated in Christ. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where individuals can grow spiritually, find purpose, and experience the transformative power of faith.”

Core Values: Unity and Evangelism “At our core, we value unity within our diverse community. We are actively growing a nonjudgmental and inclusive congregation that welcomes people of all backgrounds, regardless of race, disability, language, nationality, sex, or income level. Our dedication to evangelism drives us to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all corners of the world.”

Core Values: Lifelong Learning, Love, Service, Worship, and Prayer “We believe in the importance of lifelong learning and growth in our relationship with God. We create opportunities for people to learn about God, experience His presence, discover and utilize their spiritual gifts, and continually deepen their faith through worship and prayer.”

Core Values: Passion, Humility, Justice “At Elevated Church, we are passionate about our faith and love for God. We challenge ourselves to see others as God sees them, regardless of their past. We are deeply committed to serving others, speaking out against injustice, and being a voice for those who may not have one.”

Core Values: Faith and Courage “We expect the impossible to become possible because we have faith and courage. We are not afraid to dream big, try new things, or face failure. With unwavering faith, we believe that all things are possible.”

Affiliation: “For global missions and accountability, Elevated Church is affiliated with the Church of God.”

Lead Pastor

Eric Shonebarger

Eric, our lead pastor at Elevated Church, is a highly qualified and dedicated spiritual leader. He holds a Master’s degree in Ministerial Leadership from Southeastern University, a Master’s in Business Administration from Indiana University, and a Master’s in Business Analytics. Additionally, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of South Florida. Currently, Eric is pursuing his doctoral studies at Pentecostal Theological Seminary. As an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN), Eric brings a wealth…
Ministries Director/Women’s Pastor

Jessica Thomas Shonebarger

Jessica currently serves as the Ministries Director/Women’s Pastor of Elevated Church. She holds a bachelors degree in Political Science and minors in Bible and Psychology from Lee University. She married her husband Eric in January of 2007.  Jessica’s parents were the Pastors of Praise Cathedral (before we became Elevated Church) for 37 years before her Husband Eric became the Lead Pastor. Jessica and her husband Eric live with their two beautiful daughters Abigail and Madelyn in Seminole, FL.
Worship Director

Gail Thomas

Gail came to Praise Cathedral (now Elevated Church) in 1978. She and her husband Mike were Lead Pastors until 2015.  She is from Bartow, FL and graduated from Florida Southern College with a BA In Music Education.  In 1972, she and Mike met while attending Lee College in Cleveland, TN and were married in December, 1973. Their beautiful daughter Jessica was born in 1980 and now she and her husband  Eric Shonebarger are the Lead Pastors at Elevated Church. Gail…
Youth Pastor

Caleb Ford

Caleb has attended Elevated Church all his life. He was a part of everything from kids ministry, to youth group, technology director, and now our Youth Pastor. Caleb started serving with technology around the church in 2016 by mixing the live stream, and has been working with Ableton Live, which is now an integral part of the sound of the worship team, since 2018. Caleb has a servant’s heart, and is ready to help anyone who asks.
Children’s Director

Eleanor Arguinzoni

Eleanor currently serves as the Children’s Director at Elevated Church. She has 9 years of teaching experience with all ages from kids to adults in both public and private schools. Eleanor holds a Masters in Education from Nazareth College, as well as a certification to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (PK-12) and Spanish certification (K-12). Eleanor serves with her husband Emanuel using the skills God has given them to advance the kingdom. They are having fun raising their …
Spanish Ministries Pastor

Ramon Tirado

Ramón y Dora Tirado pastores principales El ministerio hispano de Elevated Church está a cargo de los pastores Ramón y Dora Tirado con cinco años al frente de la obra, pero sirviéndole al Señor por más de 30 años. Durante 22 años fungieron como co-pastores de la Iglesia cristiana Ebenezer y tiempo después vieron la promesa cumplida al llamado pastoral. Están felizmente casados hace 32 años y Dios los bendijo con 2 hijas y 3 nietos. El Pastor Ramón estudio…
Spanish Ministries Associate Pastor

Rene Chirinos

René Chirinos pastor asociado Egresado del Instituto Bíblico Asamblea de Dios; SESDAG (Southeastern Spanish District of Assemblies of God) Se ha desempeñado como pastor asociado desde el comienzo de la obra Elevated Church Spanish Ministries. Trabajando y colaborando con los pastores principales. Casado hace 10 años con la líder del ministerio de niños; Jenny Chirinos y padres de dos preciosos varones que nacieron en este ministerio. Anteriormente se desempeñó como tesorero por cinco años en la Iglesia cristiana Ebenezer.
Spanish Ministries Children’s Director

Jenny Chirinos

Jenny Chirinos líder del ministerio de niños Hace cinco años recibió el llamado para trabajar en este precioso ministerio. Los niños son su pasión y el motor que la impulsa a traer innovación al ministerio. Este ministerio les enseña a los niños a crecer en la fe, a compartir con otros niños lo aprendido y a desarrollar sus talentos para que puedan honrar a Dios con sus vidas.

Pam Beck

Pam started the Office Manager position after retiring from the US Postal Service in 2003.  Her background and government training is in finance, budgets & training of employees.  Her jobs at the church consist of helping with yearly budgets, and insure funds are issued to the designated departments.  She is also responsible for paying church bills, balancing the books and giving proper credit to every donation received. Pam is willing to help where ever and whom ever to achieve church…