Who We Are

Who We Are

To be a church that inspires and equips people to live out their life as if heaven has invaded earth.

We exist so every person can experience life that is elevated in Christ.

The Elevated Life is lived out in a diverse community and for a higher purpose.
At our core, we are united in purpose to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. We are actively growing a nonjudgmental community that is open to all regardless of race, disability, language, nationality, sex, or income level. We believe that life was not meant to be lived out in isolation and that our different backgrounds are a testimony to the power of forgiveness that we all experience in Christ.

Core Values: Unity, Evangelism

The Elevated Life grows in their knowledge and experience with God.
We create opportunities for people to learn about God, experience God’s presence, find and utilize their spiritual gifts, and growth spiritually. We believe that there is a lot to learn and experience in Christ, and that we have been called to a lifelong journey of faith which produces results in this life and reward in the life to come.

Core Values: Lifelong Learning, New Experiences, Worship and Prayer

The Elevated Life loves God and loves people.
At Elevated Church we love God passionately. This is ultimately best expressed in how we live out our lives. We challenge ourselves to see other people how God sees them–regardless of their past. We believe that in order to live up to our calling, we must serve others. We feel passionately that we must speak out against injustice and be a voice for those that do not have one.

Core Values: Passion, Love, Service, Humility, Justice

The Elevated Life expects the impossible to become possible.
We’re not afraid to expect big things. We’re not afraid to try something new. We’re not afraid of failure. All things are possible for us because we believe.

Core Values: Faith, Courage

For global missions and accountability, Elevated Church is affiliated with the Church of God