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Experience Elevated Church every Sunday 9:00 AM / 10:45 AM. We are conveniently located in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Location Details

4371 76TH AVE N PINELLAS PARK FL 33781-3542

We Are Elevated.

At our core, we are united in purpose to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. We are actively growing a community that is open to all regardless of race, disability, language, nationality, sex, or income level. We believe that life was not meant to be lived out in isolation and that our different backgrounds are a testimony to the power of forgiveness that we all experience in Christ.


Jesus Over Everything

This certainly is and has been a crazy season.  If you know me at all you know I follow Jesus and see the Bible as the word of God and true. This has been a very emotional season.   The division I see in the country is so sad.  However the division I see coming from Christ followers is totally heartbreaking to me.   I am seeing more and more of if you don’t agree with this or that then…

Unmasking the Real Jesus

     Recently I met a man whose real name is Real. I wondered what his mother was thinking. Then, my mind started racing. Just think – what if Mary had named her son Real Jesus? What if Real Jesus had been a guest on one of those “unmasking” TV shows so popular these days? Suddenly, I found myself unmasking the Savior!      Real Jesus is for real and not fiction. He was a flesh and blood person –…

Special Treasures

     A couple of days ago, my husband and I were out fishing. We worked hard at it – we were in the right place, the right time, with the right gear. But we toiled all day and caught nothing, Sound familiar?      We eventually decided to pull up the trolling gear and run to Treasure Island Reef. On the run my thoughts became focused on “treasure.” Maybe this would be the place where I would pull in…