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Acts 20:25-35 | Paul’s Charge to Leaders

Paul continues to prepare the Ephesian Elders for his absence. He reminds them of his character and at the same time the wolves would come among them, and to remember how he was with them. What’s your character say about you? What legacy does it leave?

Acts 20:21-22 | Don’t Shrink Back

Paul meets with the Ephesian elders one more time to impart wisdom on them. In this he reminds them that they know who he is and he hasn’t shrunk back from preaching the gospel. Who are you as a Christian? Have you shrunk back?

Know Your Calling?

Are you confused about your calling? Asking yourself if you have one? Is it real? Well, don’t feel alone. Many followers of Jesus have the same dilemma. Gleaning some specifics from a paper by Robert and Pamela Crosby, on staff at Southeastern University, may help dispel some of the clouds of confusion. First, they looked at how the Word uses the term call or calling. In one way, when we agree to follow Jesus, we are accepting a “call” –…

Did You Know Jesus had a Middle Name? The Power of The Name

Have you ever heard someone swear in anger “Jesus H. Christ?” It made me curious about what the “H” stood for. So I did some research (I Googled!). Mark Twain mentioned its use in the mid 1800’s. History records usage waned, then picked up in the 1930’s and really peaked around 1970 and continues until even now. So, what does “H” stand for? Harold! It seems to have been traced to children mis-pronouncing “hallowed” in the Lord’s Prayer. What about…

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Holy Spirit: The Power of Change

What do you think Jesus’ resurrection has to do with your life? How real is the resurrection to you? Is resurrection power operating in your life? The first Christians entered the upper room and probably locked the door behind them. They were afraid and in shock. How could their exciting adventure end in such failure and defeat? Crushed and fearing for their lives, they waited. And then Jesus rose! There is overwhelming evidence for the resurrection, and it changed lives…

Follower or Fan?

This past week I was thinking a lot about how Jesus washed the disciples feet and left them in shock! The fact that Jesus — Messiah, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Son of God, my Saviour – would humble himself, kneel down and wash dirty, smelly feet is mind blowing. Why would He do that? What was His purpose? What did He want us to learn? A little while before washing feet Jesus was speaking and He had a…