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Inspiring people to follow Jesus and Equipping them to Impact the world.

Grow in Faith, Serve with Love.

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How We Help:

Equipping Teens to Lead, Serve, and Excel.

Teens face immense pressure from various sources regardless of their background. Peer influence, social media, and cultural norms often promote conflicting values and create a sense of isolation. They must navigate academic pressures, identity struggles, and potential family conflicts, which makes it challenging to balance these demands while maintaining personal well-being. For Christian teens, these pressures are further compounded by the complexity of trying to live out their faith in a world that often contradicts their beliefs.
We support teens by creating programs that focus on developing their faith in Jesus, which provides a foundation for character development and equips them for their future calling. These programs address the unique challenges teens face while offering guidance and support in navigating peer pressure, academic demands, and identity struggles. Teens are encouraged to serve in all aspects of church life, which strengthens their faith and develops leadership skills. The church surrounds teens with supportive adults and peers, providing mentorship and a sense of belonging. These initiatives help teens grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially, preparing them to impact the world with their faith and values.
As a result, our teens become sure of themselves and their identity in Christ, become leaders, pursue higher education, enter the armed services, and excel in various fields. They become examples to others, serving in their schools and communities, and positively impacting those around them. Watch the video to lean more about how the class of 2024 viewed their experience in our program.
Local Pinellas Park Teens participating in youth ministry activities at Elevated Church
Multiple Business and Non-Profit Partnerships
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How We Help:

Food Security

In Pinellas County food insecurity affects approximately 10.6% of the population translating to about 102,010 individuals struggling to access adequate food. This issue is particularly severe among children, with 36,000 experiencing food insecurity and 7,000 facing chronic hunger, meaning they often go without food outside of school hours. The average cost per meal is $4.18, contributing to a significant annual food budget shortfall of $75,251,000. These statistics underscore the critical need for local initiatives to combat hunger and provide essential support to vulnerable populationsā€‹.

Elevated Church is committed to addressing food insecurity in our community through our Food Security Initiative that encompasses four ministries: Divine Providence Food Pantry, Little Food Pantry, Weekday Meals, and Hot Meals.

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How We Help:

Bringing Food, Clothing, and Prayer to the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic, situated in the Caribbean, is a nation where 30% of its populace still grapples with poverty. Numerous regions within the country face challenges in sustaining access to fundamental amenities such as electricity and clean water. Additionally, a significant portion of the population lacks adequate housing and proper sanitation facilities.
We partner with local ministries that faithfully serve their communities. We provide clothing, non-perishable food, school supplies, and monetary donations to those in need. As the hands and feet of Jesus, we share the Good News throughout the island. We visit public schools to tell children that Jesus loves them. We share with men and women overcoming drug addiction that God has a great plan for their lives. By meeting tangible needs, we also share the message of Jesus Christ, who has the power to permanently transform lives.
With each visit to the Dominican Republic, we&aposve witnessed a rise in our harvest, reaping the fruits of our continued investment in the same communities. Through collaboration with local pastors and leaders, we&aposve forged robust relationships, united in our mission to spread the Gospel. Witnessing individuals respond to God&aposs love and call, embarking on transformative journeys, has been immensely rewarding.
Kids Worship in the Dominican Republic during Elevated Church Mission Trip
Elevated Church is a close-knit family dedicated to growing in the knowledge of God and sharing His love and grace with the community.

Dennis Shearer

President | Logos University