Sermons by Eric Shonebarger

Sermons by Eric Shonebarger

Acts 20:25-35 | Paul’s Charge to Leaders

Paul continues to prepare the Ephesian Elders for his absence. He reminds them of his character and at the same time the wolves would come among them, and to remember how he was with them. What’s your character say about you? What legacy does it leave?

Acts 20:21-22 | Don’t Shrink Back

Paul meets with the Ephesian elders one more time to impart wisdom on them. In this he reminds them that they know who he is and he hasn’t shrunk back from preaching the gospel. Who are you as a Christian? Have you shrunk back?

Conquering Your Fear with Faith

Everything was going well for Paul on his second missionary journey. From Corinth, Paul was reaching entire households with the gospel. At the same time, evil was present. In order to accomplish what God had set before him, Paul must conquer his fear with faith.  Sermon is based on Acts 18:7-9.