The Elevated Life is meant to be lived out in community. To further that goal, Elevated Church has created a framework through small groups to equip the church, learn, and serve the community around us. Spring Semester will  launch February 3rd, 2019.

Elevated Life Group

The main goal of an ELEVATED LIFE GROUP is to connect believers together through honest conversation and stories found in Scripture. They are relationship driven and based on the needs of the group. The leader in this group will serve as a facilitator of conversations centered around a specific topic. The second goal of life groups are to evangelize by offering another venue besides the regular church service that may be initially less intimidating to seekers and those interested in finding out more about Jesus. Examples of Life Groups: Finance Study, Discovering Spiritual Gifts, Reading a Book together

Elevated Bible Study

The main goal of an ELEVATED BIBLE STUDY is to take participants into a deep dive of Scripture either by studying a specific book of the Bible or a specific topic. Leaders for this type of group are expected to function in the role of a teacher and the format will be more of a lecture with group participation. Examples of Bible Studies: Studying the Book or Romans, Studying Sanctification, Studying End-Times.

Elevated Prayer Groups

The main goal of an ELEVATED PRAYER GROUP is to gather Christians with a shared purpose to praise God, plead with him, intercede for the needs of others with an expectation to see God work. Leaders for this type of group are expected to understand how the kingdom of God operates and have a strong desire to see the kingdom manifest on earth. Examples of Prayer Groups: Prayer for Healing, Prayer for our Nation, Prayer for the Church, etc.

Elevated Mission Projects

The main goal of an ELEVATED MISSION PROJECT is to show the love of God in a very tangible way to the local community, to our nation, and to the world through acts of service and evangelism. Group leaders in this format, are expected to plan and execute a mission project. Examples of Mission Projects: Repairing a Yard for an Elderly Person, Evangelism at a Major Event, Overseas Mission Project.

Ready to lead?

Great! Please fill out the application below. We will pick 5 groups to kick off 2020.

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