Have you ever realized that the Bible is a bloody book?

     There is a blood trail from Genesis through Revelation. But what is God’s purpose for this trail? Why does He want us to follow the blood?

     In Genesis 4, the Scripture describes how Cain murdered his brother. In verse 10, God asks Cain: “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” God himself answers the title question of this blog: Blood can cry out and He hears it. How does this happen? Only because blood is alive!

     Blood is special. Leviticus 17:14 tells us that the blood IS the life of all flesh. Blood sustains life in every living man and animal. And Leviticus 17:11 declares that the life of the flesh is IN the blood. From Genesis to Revelation God teaches the scriptural principle of blood sacrifice to cover sin. 

     In the Old Testament, Mosaic law required animal sacrifices for the remission of sin. In the New Testament, Jesus instituted a better covenant established on better promises (Hebrews 9: 6-8) by sacrificing His own life and shedding His own blood. 

     The Passover experience in Exodus 12: 7-13 was a foreshadowing of what Jesus would do in the New Testament. The command to place the sacrificial blood over the door to protect against the death angel begins to show us the power of the blood. If the blood of an animal can do that, imagine what the Blood of Jesus can do for us!

     I have been a blood donor for most of my life. The Red Cross declares that one pint of donated blood can spare at least 3 lives. After I got saved, donating blood became even more important to me because Jesus was also a blood donor. His blood saved me! Think of the many lives Jesus has saved by donating His blood.

     So, what does God want us to understand specifically about the Blood of His Son? 

the Blood is alive

the Blood is powerful

the Blood is a blessing

the Blood is to be taken and used by His people, for the benefit of His people, and for the advancing of His Kingdom on earth.

The Blood can:

  1. cry out  (Gen. 4:10)
  2. make atonement  (Lev. 17:11
  3. sustain life  (Lev. 17:14)
  4. protect and deliver  (Ex. 12:7-13)
  5. produce a divine life flow  (John 6:53)
  6. give eternal life  (John 6:54)
  7. raise us up  (John 6:54)
  8. bring peace  (Col. 1:20)
  9. cleanse us  (Heb. 9:14)
  10. purify us  (Heb. 9:22)
  11. remit sin  (Heb. 9:22)
  12. wash and whiten  (Rev. 7:14)
  13. overcome Satan  (Rev. 12:11)

     This is what God is asking: are you taking advantage of these benefits? Are you personally using the benefits of the blood to grow spiritually? Are you sharing these precious gifts with others to help them? 

     Are you taking the victory of the cross, the shed blood of Jesus, and sharing it with the world? 



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