Are you being a sign of the Faith?

Are you being a sign of the Faith?

 Phil 1:28 without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you. This is a sign to them that they will be destroyed, but that you will be saved—and that by God.

This verse hit me hard today! Without being frightened in ANY WAY to those who OPPOSE you. First, Let’s talk about opposition. Opposition could in fact be people, but more often I find it is the enemy that is my opposition. The Bible says we wrestle NOT against FLESH AND BLOOD, but we wrestle against spiritual forces of darkness. The Enemy is TRYING to make you SCARED. When the trials of life are coming and you pray and pray but haven’t seen the rescue (in the form you are looking for it to be) yet. DO Not BE scared! Trust in the Lord Your God with all your HEART. Stand Bold and without wavering that YOUR GOD has it under control. In Philippians 1 Paul talks trusting the Lord in all circumstances that He is working it out for HIMSELF (God) to be glorified through your situation. Paul was in a prison cell and knowing God was using it to get the glory was enough for HIM. Paul even said if I need to die so be it. If God gets the glory and uses it to His purposes and it advances the Kingdom it is WELL! Paul didn’t just say this without any illuming circumstance leading to a death kind of outcome. He was in prison waiting and anticipating to be martyred for what he stood for. He was waiting for his sentence to death. He knew death was near was a real thing in his circumstances. He was bold and had no fear. So writing the letter to this church and saying go without being frightened (one version says without being TERRIFIED) it was a charge that he was walking through.

When we aren’t scared about a job, health diagnoses, uncertainty , or anything else you can think of. It confuses the enemy and actually threatens him. So, when the storms of life are raging and we stand and look at that storm without fear it reminds the enemy of his demise and that you are a child of God. OUR salvation will proven by our lack of being terrified and standing unwavering.

Come on child of God let’s walk together bolding and confidently and fear nothing! What would it look like if the church actually walked in this manner. So many have an impotent faith in Christ. Let’s stop that! Let our faith be activated in our study of the scripture! Lord, Help us get a fire and boldness to ACTUALLY WALK THIS FAITH OUT! Some may have their feet out from under them.. OK get up and limp if you have to. BUT let’s go fwd and go without fear, Dust yourselves off and say FEAR IS A LIAR. I am not called to fear but to have faith even in the face of DEATH itself. Because to the Christ follower DEATH is even a lie.

Let me ask you to think about what ever it is in your life you are going through that is causing you to be scared and frightened. What if you decided to give that situation to the Lord and say Lord even in this you be glorified and help me be a force for you through it all. Help me to prove where my help and hope comes from to those watching. Help the enemy I am fighting to see I will not be shaken and I will not be moved. Help me to live out my faith is such a way that the power that is accessible to us (through Christ Jesus) intimidates him.

Jesus help everything we do bring glory to you! Help our faith be activated in the POWER of the Holy spirit .Help us never be a weak angry sad terrified scared or disgruntled Christian for that shows no one around us the proof of our faith. It also makes our enemy believe he is winning. Really, we may be letting him win those individual victories with how we respond. Help us to stop handing the enemy our victories. Help us not to give him an inch. Help the proof of our faith lead all around us to YOU. Help us be like Paul and trust in all things you are working it the benefit of the kingdom. Help us realize now that we who walk with you the kingdom’s benefit is also to our benefit. Help us trust your ways and never fear!


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