Are you a risk taker? Or, are you one who likes to keep the status quo?  A “don’t rock the boat” type? 

     For Christians, in order to grow we take risks as part of normal routines. In fact, the Bible could be subtitled: “The Risktakers Handbook.” Let’s look at a few famous risktakers in Scripture.

     In Mark 5 is a story of a woman who risked it all. She had heard about Jesus’ healing ministry. She believed just touching the hem of Jesus’ clothes would result in her healing. She risked her life by ignoring tradition, breaking the law, and pushed her way through the crowd to Jesus even though she was unclean and could defile everyone by being there. She was healed. It was worth the risk!.

      With love and tenderness, Jesus healed a leper (Luke 5). When this man full of leprosy saw Jesus he fell on his face before Him and begged for Jesus to heal him – if He was willing. Jesus was willing. Touching the leper who had risked his life to come to Him, Jesus said “Be cleansed” and the leprosy left immediately. It was worth the risk.

     Jesus was at a fancy dinner at a Pharisee’s house when a woman of very questionable reputation came to see Him. She anointed His feet with oil. With her tears she washed His feet and then dried them with her hair (Luke 7). She loved Jesus and wept because she realized the depth of her sin. That realization caused her to risk showing up at the Pharisee’s house. Jesus rewarded that risk in v.48 when He said: “Your sins are forgiven.” It was worth the risk.

     It is notable that these people were not named. They were known by their issues. You know, we call them: the woman with the issue of blood; the leper; and the woman with the flask of oil. The Holy Spirit probably wanted us to fully focus on the principle of risk and reward rather than on the persons. There are many more named and unnamed risktakers in Scripture. Heroes All!

     How did Jesus approach these brave souls? He didn’t bring up their particular issues. He didn’t ask what sins they committed to warrant their issue for punishment. He did not grill them as to how they would handle future temptations. 

     Jesus was driven by compassion. He recognized their suffering and, because He loved them, wanted to help them. Do you need His help? Are you tired of hiding from God? Tired of pretending and covering up your bondage? Breakthrough is just a risk away.

     Have you gotten so comfortable with your excuses that you no longer feel the sting of your sin? Do any of these sound familiar:

  • “I’m just stuck”
  • “I can’t”
  • “I don’t deserve forgiveness”
  • “God allows it”
  • “I won’t risk the embarrassment, the shame, the uncovering, the loss of reputation”
  • “I’ll live with it” – But you’ll also die of it!

     All these are defenses. They are like Post-Its stuck all over your mind. Let this be the beginning to take the risk. Pull down those lies, those imaginations, those hindrances. See yourself crawl, walk or run to where Jesus is. Fall down on your knees. Risk it. He will meet you in a crowd, in church or even in a cemetery. 

     Jesus says He’s willing – are you? All you need to do is be willing to take the risk! 

     He says He is worth the risk – and you are worth the reward! 

(If you would like to make Jesus the Lord of your life, just pray this prayer: “Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins. Come into my heart. I make you my Lord and Savior”)

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