Smoothie-Making Can Be Ugly

In between the time God calls us and the time we step into our destiny, there is a season that can be called the “process.” The apostle Peter’s journey is an example of this.
From when Jesus said come “follow me” (Mt. 4:19) to when He also said “When you are converted, strengthen your brethren” (Luke 22:32) there was the process! – being converted from self to Christ. The process took Peter from self-centered failure to Holy Spirit power ranger!
What’s it going to take? First, humbling, then surrender. Let’s look closer at Peter.
He was an immediate follower of Jesus, without hesitation. He was a devoted disciple, obedient and submissive to Jesus and His Word (Luke 5:4-5). He was a man of great faith. He was the Rock! He looked so good.
But Peter was so full of himself – pride and self-will. His own wisdom and his own opinions thrilled him. Andrew Murray in his book “Absolute Surrender” describes Peter this way: “He may have left his boats and nets but his self went with him.”
How much self do we still carry all the while claiming undying devotion to Jesus? When Peter denied Jesus 3 times, ready to go to prison, or even death, he really didn’t know himself.
What changed Peter? The process! Think about making a smoothie. Beautiful fruits or veggies – red, yellow, green, orange in color – go into the processor. What happens? The process begins. The final product is unlike anything that went in. Sometimes the color or consistency of the finished product is pleasant to the eye. Other times it ends in a greenish or brownish mush. Yuck, not so enticing! It all depends on the process.
So, what was Peter’s experience? The “old” Peter was processed by Jesus. After he denied Him, the look of love in Jesus’ eyes broke Peter’s heart. The Bible says he went out and wept bitterly. Jesus’ death brought shame, despair and hopelessness to him. The Rock was crushed.
Only then was Peter ready and prepared for the Holy Spirit. A deep work had been completed. (1 Peter 4:14) And, like Peter, we must have self processed out. We might be godly, devoted believers but the power of the flesh is still strong. It hinders the power and blessing of God flowing through us.
Jesus said “deny yourself”. Peter never got that until Jesus “processed” him. Old Peter in, new Peter out. The process ends with surrender – self out Holy Spirit in.
A smoothie is finished when the off button is pushed and it’s the perfect blend for the purpose it was processed. A disciple’s process is finished when surrender to Jesus leads to purpose and destiny. Then Jesus smiles and pushes the off button!
His “smoothies” are always perfect.


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